Guest Artist Interview: @miley.cyroc

Mily Cyroc is a Parisian collage artist who loves to go through old french culture magazines and sometimes uses her graphic design degree. She's already worked for an agency which she loved but felt it took away a little from her career as an artist. Since then her latest works of portraiture take viewers to a place of horror and beauty. We find out what her inspiration and creative processes is like... 


Guest Interview: Mr Babies

Mr Babies is one of the coolest and nicest collage artists on Instagram, hands down. With a stunning 75k followers and countless likes, he is probably the psychedelic collage king of the 21st Century. As a veteran in the underground collage scene showing face in a few posts for large collage grams such a Collage Collective Co and Tax Collection. He was recently featured in a Creator's Project x Vice article.

Artist Q+A: @kur_t

After taking a short hiatus Kurt is back in the collage game, using both analogue and digital mediums he creates strange collages with religious, supernatural and space themes, although collage is his primary medium he also enjoys photography. Q: Tell me about your art how you started, what made you start and why you continue? I … Continue reading Artist Q+A: @kur_t