Artist Q+A: @kur_t

After taking a short hiatus Kurt is back in the collage game, using both analogue and digital mediums he creates strange collages with religious, supernatural and space themes, although collage is his primary medium he also enjoys photography. Q: Tell me about your art how you started, what made you start and why you continue? I … Continue reading Artist Q+A: @kur_t

Artist Q+A: @romylisto

Romy is a self-taught artist who works primarily in collage, but also in media including acrylic, watercolour and marker. Her practice is self-reflective, and explores themes of femininity, womanhood and identity. In her current work, women are represented ambiguous, disembodied and depersonalised, and often mix a classical and old-fashioned sensibility with a contemporary and hyper-sexualised one. The … Continue reading Artist Q+A: @romylisto