Artist Q+A: @madbutt

Madbutt is an artist currently experimenting with digital and hand cut collage techniques using vintage and modern materials. She is apart of Brisbane Collage Club and Primary Arcade. Madelaine’s works are featured in private collections in New York, Sydney, Melbourne and London.

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Q: What’s the primary message behind your art?

A: At the moment I find it so difficult to answer that question because I have such a different collection of work based off different themes, characters and backgrounds that has been evolving over the past few months.


Q: Have you always been involved in art?

A: My Father has been an artist all his life first as a painter and then later doing sculpture. He went to art college and later on became a builder when he got married to my Mother. So my Sister and I would paint growing up – I still remember making paintings with UFO’s and mountains when I was three with him.

When I was in high school I did art. I did well at it but I used to fight with my art teacher all the time over ideas and criteria for an assignment. So I never really thought I could be an artist outside of high school.

I tried a bunch of things outside of school, never found my passion within each industry I tried. The advantage to that was I met a lot of cool and interesting people along the way. This is what helped me realise I could be an artist if I wanted too – you just believe in yourself and work hard.


Q: How do you differentiate your work from other collage artists?

A: I honestly couldn’t answer that.


Q: Which creative medium would you love to pursue but haven’t yet?

A: I would really love to work with screen printing. I am releasing some screen printed things soon with a friend, so I am excited to see how it prints and what the process is. Hopefully I can learn along the way.


Q: How do you approach an artwork? What’s the first step?

A: Usually an idea will come in mind and I will start to search for the images. I’d cut them out and place them around the area.

If I am doing a hand cut work I will think about it for longer than a digital work. Being self taught, doing digital works was an excellent way for me to make mistakes and go back to re do it. I think it has really made my hand cut works so much better!


Q: What are you most proud of because of your art?

A: My proudest moment was showing my grandparents my art. They are old school french and my grandpa paints. So to have someone I respect and love so much adore my work was really special and amazing.


Q: Is being an artist your dream job, if not what would it be?

A: I think maybe just doing something that helps people and animals, something with a social change and positive impact.


Q: What’s on repeat at the moment?

A: I really love Drake’s new album. His song “Passionfruit” is amazing, I really resonate with it.




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