Guest Interview: Mr Babies

Mr Babies is one of the coolest and nicest collage artists on Instagram, hands down. With a stunning 78k followers and countless likes, he is probably the psychedelic collage king of the 21st Century. As a veteran in the underground collage scene showing face in a few posts for large collage grams such a Collage Collective Co and Tax Collection. He was recently featured in a Creator’s Project x Vice article.

I wondered to myself who was this guy and why aren’t there any interviews up of him on the internet. So without no further ado…..



Q: Where are you from?

Sedona, AZ

Q: When did you start collaging and when did you realise this was the style for you?

I really started developing my style in 2010. I had just moved to Sedona and started collaging from vintage magazines I found at my local recycling center. I would make them everyday and soon it became more therapeutic more than anything. Collaging is very meditative and is an effective way of communicating with people with pictures rather than words or a story. I come from a writing and literature background, and still love writing, but with collage I feel free to tell any story I wish.

Q: Do you work on your art everyday or do you take little breaks? What’s your current work routine like?

I try to work on art everyday, or at least something artistic, but the mind and imagination are not machines and need breaks here and there. I try to take a week off here and there to refresh the mind.


Q: Tell us a little about yourself, where does the name Mr Babies come from? Does it have a story…

I’m told that I’m very child like both in my my physical form and my demeanor and actions. Add that to the fact that I have a pretty youthful look for my 34 years of age. I was wearing a suit one day and a loved one commented that I looked like a baby wearing a suit, thus giving birth to the nickname Mr. Babies.

Q: What is your artistic process like, does it change up from time to time?

It’s usually pretty consistent. With collage I usually go through books and pull certain images that catch my eye. Whether it is a crazy pattern or something else I know I can use in a piece it goes in the pile of images I have sitting right to my side. I’m kind of like rain man when it comes to the stack of images because I have a mental inventory of what I have but usually takes a second to sort through the hundreds of images I have. I also smoke a massive amount of marijuana so that impairs my organizational habits.


Q: How important is organisation and archiving found images?

Guess I answered the question about organization earlier, but to elaborate on that I would say that spontaneity is my biggest ally when it comes to collage because I don’t like to second guess myself and usually go with my gut on a lot of things so organization hinders the process for me personally.

Q: What was the best found books and magazines that you’ll never forget?

Anytime that I find an Omni magazine is a good day. The graphics are super cool in them. I found this 1960’s op art book that is still one of my absolute favorites to this day. Another favorite would have to be this pretty rad dream interpretation book from the 70’s with strange pictures and trippy graphics. One more favorite would be this book I found on fractals from the 80’s that’s super awesome.

Q: What challenges do you face as an artist and how do you find yourself to overcome them?

Copyright issues mainly, but even that is cloudy and there are many gray areas.


Q: Do you think formal education for a career in Art is necessary? Have you studied outside of high school?

I don’t think that any formal education is necessary at all. One has to be able to express himself somehow to be an artist. Everyone is born an artist, I think. It’s just up to the individual to cultivate that inner power. Once you do it’s the most freeing thing in the world. Anyone and everyone can be, and is an artist.

Q: Who are your favorite collage artists at the moment?

Pretty much like a million of collage artists that I follow on instagram: Jesse Treece, Andrew McGranahan, Sterling Williams, Hobo Sapien, Leaf and Petal, Endless Revisions, Computarded, Nil Ultra, Invisible Realm, Madbutt, Michael Tunk, Sarah Judge, Carmen Loretta, Beetle Bite, Cures, Trash Riot, Spinner Web… so many really and I wish I could shout them all out. I love the community and everyone is super supportive.



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