Guest Artist Interview: @miley.cyroc

Mily Cyroc is a Parisian collage artist who loves to go through old french culture magazines and sometimes uses her graphic design degree. She’s already worked for an agency which she loved but felt it took away a little from her career as an artist. Since then her latest works of portraiture take viewers to a place of horror and beauty. We find out what her inspiration and creative processes is like…
1.Where are you from?
Paris, France
2.How long have you been doing collage for?
When I was in middle school, I used to cut a lot in my video games magazines to paste them on my school supplies and this stayed with me for a long time. After high school, I started to study graphic design and I realised that I could mix the both, creating new things with all the pieces of paper I had in my toolbox.

But when I started working in an agency, I totally stopped doing collage, because after a long day of graphic design, I wasn’t able to go back home and start another creative process. It’s just when I left the agency and that I started to work as an independent that I finally found the time, the energy and the need to go back to my very own and personal work.


3. Did anyone in particular inspire you to start doing collage?
Eduardo Recife (Missprinted Type), Nazario Graziano, THS, Julien Pacaud and I’m probably forgetting some of them. And these days, I’m totally in love with the work of Ashkan Honarvar, Jesse Draxler, Jens Wortmann, Stefan Gunnesch, Gabriel Islas, Mr Babies and so much more…


4. What is your favourite magazine or book at the moment?
Bad To The Bones and Disillusioned Magazine, the art direction of this is amazing. I prefer the magazines such as old Paris Match, old french DIY magazine etc. I just found a dozen of old “Cahiers du cinéma” in the street, I know that they will be used very soon.




5. What is your creative process like, do you like to switch things up?
I have two main processes. The first one starts with an idea, or a story that I would like to illustrate, and after writing down the main things, I start looking for the pictures that would fit the most.

The second one is the opposite, sometimes I chill online and discover a really cool picture, and say to to myself “That would be nice if the character would…” and start telling a story in my mind.
Maybe there’s a third one. Sometimes I just mix a few pieces together, randomly and some position or composition gets very inspiring, “It began as a mistake” as would say Bukowsky.

6. What or who inspires and influences you most?
Probably music I would say, I listen a lot of hardcore, hip hop, metal, punk, new wave etc. and sometimes just a sentence of 3 words bring me a really precise image.


7. Where do you see yourself in five years time?
Living in a place closer to nature like mountains or the ocean, with a dog,a big and empty office with a punching bag, a yoga mat and shit load of magazines to destroy.

8. What has been your proudest moment with your art?
Probably my first interview, I mean, this one, thanks a lot Madelaine!




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